• 100% cotton muslin inner core

  • 100% cotton print or solid color outer shell

  • Poly-Pellets™:   polypropylene beads* (non toxic, small, smooth, hypoallergenic and washable)


  • Each weighted blanket is individually constructed by hand.

  • We use 4 layers of 100% soft breathable cotton fabric to secure the pellets in the quilt.   The pellets are distributed evenly throughout the blanket for maximum comfort.    The weighted blanket is designed to cover only the surface of the bed and not overhang the mattress.

Washing –  blankets:

  • Wash with low suds gentle detergent in a front loading machine.  If you do not have a front loader or the blanket exceeds your machine weight capacity then  a commercial front loading machine is recommended.    Do not wash a weighted blanket in a top loading machine.

  • Air drying is recommended.

Washing – covers:

  • The covers are machine washable & machine dryable.  Covers may be ironed if necessary using cotton setting.

*WARNING: The pellets are very small and not recommended for children under 3 or children who may chew the product.

Blanket under construction