Peace by Piece blankets began with one blanket for our daughter who was having trouble sleeping.  A  weighted blanket was recommended by the psychologist doing her neuro – psych testing for school.

The doctor said a weighted blanket would sooth our daughter’s anxiousness and anxiety and make her feel more secure and comfortable therefore allowing her to fall  asleep easier.  So we ordered one.  We waited several weeks for the arrival of her blanket, only to find that it was back-ordered and would be delayed for about 8 weeks.

As a long time quilter, it occurred to me, that I could make a weighted blanket for my daughter, in much less time than 8 weeks.  I did my research, found a source for quality materials and went to work!  So, the Peace by Piece weighted blanket was created.

That was 4 years ago.  We now have 2 children who prefer to sleep under a weighted blanket. And have many satisfied customers, both young & old!